Tour Hours

THE HEAT IS REALLY ON.  Tours through the end of May, 2016 will start from 9am until 12:00pm on Thursday through Sunday.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but it is quite toasty and just not all that comfortable!

Reservations are not necessary.

We are closed from June through September.

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 5-12.


The Mystery Castle is located in the Foothills of South Mountain Park (two miles south of Baseline Road) at 800 E. Mineral Road in Phoenix, Arizona 85040.

To visit, take 7th Street South to Mineral Road, then head east and follow the road to the Mystery Castle entrance.

For further information, call (602) 268-1581

The Castle is not wheelchair accessible.  Visitors must be able to walk up a number of stairs.  


We look forward to seeing you!



Special Guests

"Imagination is more
important than knowledge..."

Spoken by Albert Einstein but proven by Boyce Luther Gully.

The reality of dying was thrust upon Boyce Gully in his prime. Choosing not to live a life of quiet desperation awaiting the end, he ran away from home, family and friends.

Those were sad but wondrous times of soul searching and physical creativity. In his heart was permanently etched the vision of those precious moments when he and his little girl, Mary Lou, built sand castles on the beach in Seattle. How she would cry when the tide washed them away. “Please, Daddy, build me a big and strong castle someday that I can live in. Maybe you ought to build it on the desert where there is no water.”

He would just smile. Perhaps, it wasn’t a coincidence that he migrated to Arizona. He built Mary Lou a native stone castle - eighteen rooms, thirteen fireplaces, parapets and many charming nooks and crannies, then furnished it with southwestern antiques.

Boyce Gully died in 1945 before he could send for his family. His “princess” was an adult when she moved into her “castle” and began living her fairy tale, perpetuating her dream. She shared her “home” by giving guided tours of her beloved Mystery Castle until her death in 2010.

Today, the castle remains open for tours from October through May. The Mystery Castle Foundation, a 501c3 organization maintains the property so that future generations can share in the history and magic that is My Mystery Castle.

Mystery Castle is internationally known and its credits are impressive:

  • Life Magazine
  • McCall's
  • HGTV Extreme Homes
  • Catholic Digest
  • Warner Brothers
  • Path News
  • "Strange As It Seems"
  • "That's Incredible"
  • The Associated Press
  • The New York Times
  • MGM-TV
  • The National Inquirer

The castle is also listed in the Arizona Historic Register and is a Pride of Phoenix Award winner.